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Garage Makeover Solutions features Gladiator GarageWorks by Whirlpool.  Gladiator is a premier line of organization products (storage cabinets, benches, shelving, refrigerator, accessories).   Gladiator offers both a 1) Premier line (factory assembled and welded) and a 2) Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) line of cabinets.  Please note: Our primary service areas are southwest Michigan and northern Indiana.  However, we do service other market areas as well.  Your products are delivered from a Gladiator/Whirlpool distribution center in your area .... not shipped via common carriers accross the U.S. so there is no damaged freight to worry about.  We offer you superb services and very competive pricing.  We do our best to beat, or at least match, competitor pricing.  We can also help you with a plan to fit your budget.  Click here to request a full-line price sheet!!
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Ready-to-Assemble(RTA) & Premier Series Products
30" Wall Cabinet

5.5' Bamboo Workbench
19 cuft Chillerator
30" Steel Shelf
Modular Geardrawer

Gearloft Shelf
52", 10 drw Roll-Away

28" RTA Modular Cabinet
36" RTA Cabinet
Starter Kit
28" RTA Wall Cabinet
MFG: $1376
GMS: $1240
MFG: $317
GMS: $289
                                                                MFG: $233
GMS: $162
MFG: $51
GMS: $50
MFG: $530
GMS: $424
MFG: 583
GMS: $530
MFG: $74
GMS: $51
MFG: $212
GMS: $187
MFG: $148
GMS: $131
MFG: $58
GMS: $49
MSRP: $318
GMS: $281
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