Flush Mount Style
: $289.00
GMS: $245.00
Garage Makeover Solutions features GarageVac by Intervac.  GarageVac is a superb vacuum designed specfically for your garage and will exceed your expectations in suction power, ease of installation and versatility.  It is also a great vacuum for hobby shops and utility rooms as well.  It's features include 1) a 40' stretch hose that shrinks to 8' for storage, 2) 12 amp motor, 3) 6 yr. warranty, 4) an easy to replace HEPA type dust bag (1 gal.) and 5) comes in 4 colors.  See pictures and examples of our pricing below.  Check out our pricing.  We do our best to beat, or match, competitor pricing.  Give us a call.
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Surface Mount Style
: $279.00
GMS: $235.00
    Made In The USA
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